Gin (trixiegirl) wrote,

Unexpected Moments of Bliss

Well what do you know. 2010 is halfway over already. It seems that what I used to use this journal for has been replaced by facebook and twitter. That 's not to say I have no more use for it, though. I just have to figure a new purpose for it.

My deadline for Mission: 101 has passed, so I'll post an update about that soon, but I can't right now because I'm writing this on my phone from the set of my first film! It's a short film and I'm playing the lead, an office worker who finds creative ways to make the best of less-than-ideal situations. It's fun! And Lars is on his way down to join us for the wrap party this afternoon. Then we'll attend Tricia & Roland's annual Drinking Triathlon/going away toga party. And I'll ride back up north with him tomorrow so he can work Monday morning, when I'll take the train back to Portland. We're getting this down to a science, but I'd still prefer not to have to say goodbye to him as often as I do.
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